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The PST (or PFF) file format is a horrible, closed proprietary format. Over the years many people have accumulated a large amount of important email and other information into these files, this project aims to allow people to access and extract this information so that it may be migrated to other messaging systems.

The goal of this project is to take the format documentation which has been reversed engineered and made available through projects such as https://sourceforge.net/projects/libpff/ and turn it into a java library that will allow for efficient access to stored email.

The functional goals are:

Efficiency; should be able to work with very large PST files with reasonable speed Support for 64bit PSTs (Outlook 2003+, 32bit is not a primary goal) Support for compressible encryption (on by default with newer versions of Outlook) Intuitive API

Things that the library will most likely not do:

Fix or work with broken PST files Provide write access to PST files Recover deleted email items

Note: Version 0.1 contains a GPL'd implementation of the LZFU compression algorithm for the retrieval of RTF content. This has been addressed in version 0.2 with my own implementation of the algorithm, this is the only difference between the two versions.


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