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Maximum productivity with minimum code via declarative UIs for Java.Swing JavaBuilder (nearing version 1.0) : PDF Book : Stable Release 0.3 : 1.0 Maven Repository GTK+ JavaBuilder (just started) SWT JavaBuilder (just started) News

Swing JB 1.0.20091201 - Issue 77. Also, changed Maven version to avoid 1.0-SNAPSHOT, due to requests from Maven users.

Swing JB 1.0.20091124 - 66, 67, 76 (removed all unnecessary dependencies) Swing JB 1.0.20091110 - #70 - enhancements to MigLayout DSL to allow specifying min/pref/max widths and heights, more work on Glazed Lists integration to allow creating UniqueList instances (via source=collection.property syntax) Swing JB 1.0.20091105 - 72 - JPasswordField support, 73 - Move to Java 6, 55 - Maven-ize project and provide own Maven repo

Swing JB 1.0.20091028 - enhancement #62 (JInternalFrame support), defect #71, initial work to move to Maven for the whole project (issue 55).

Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.09.15 - fixes for defects #64 and #65. Some initial work on #62, but not fully working yet with MigLayout. Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2008.08.12 - added ability to define initial sort on Glazed lists models (docs in PDF), plus reported defects: 58, 59. Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.07.30 - enhancement #56 plus initial GlazedLists JTable support (EventTableModel) that is part of #46. Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.07.23 - enhancement request #54 - adds value handles for Class and Dimension types. Many thanks to Alexandre Navarro for his code contributions on this one. Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.07.08 - fix for #52 (JList.onSelection enhancement) and #53 (regression). Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.07.06 - fix for #51.

Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.07.03 - improved validation of invalid YAML format (tabs, quotes, parentheses) with line number reporting: #50

Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.07.02 - minor change to stop using BeansBinding and switch to the actively maintained BetterBeansBinding instead: #49. Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.06.15 - added GlazedLists JComboBox integration as part of #46. Please read the JComboBox / GlazedLists chapters in the PDF book in the ZIP for details. Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.06.10 - fix for regression #48. Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.06.09 - fix for regression #47. Swing JB.1.0.DEV.2009.06.05 - first drop of GlazedLists integration for binding to a JList: #46. More work on JTable and JComboBox to follow.

Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.06.02 - fixes for #26 and #44.

Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.05.28 - completion of a major JTable enhancement: #43 Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.05.21 - fixes for #42, #40 Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.05.12 - big fix for #36 (content validation in the YAML file), #34. Some initial work on #42 and #43. Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.04.25 - first support for JList and JComboBox data binding (issue 31) Swing JB.1.0.DEV.2009.04.22 - issues #33, #35, some fixes for #36, #38 Swing JB.1.0.DEV.2009.04.30 - preview of a new enhancement #33 that allows to create JLabels from just literal String directly in the MigLayout section...making the YAML even more concise! First build of Swing JavaBuilder 1.0.DEV. Has fixes for issue #28 (upgrade MigLayout to 3.7) and #29 (make Beans Binding optional for those who want to try alternate data binding libraries) Swing JavaBuilder 0.3.FINAL is OUT!


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