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JavATE, the Java Application Tiered Engine is a set of Java libraries that enables application development using the domain driven methodology. It gives you standard interfaces and implementations for the domain driven design building blocks so you can focus on your strategic design instead of reinventing the wheel of the building blocks each time.

JavATE is not a web-framework itself because it is based on existing frameworks like ZK . And it is not only related to web-applications, you can use it to develop desktop applications and web-services and ...

JavATE is not a Object-Relational-Mapping tool itself because it is based on existing ORM technologies like Hibernate (already) or JPA (not yet implemented).

JavATE is a sort of glue between all these technologies!


commandpattern domain_driven_design java ddd statemachine statemachines hibernate specifications domaindrivendesign zk framework hibernate-validator entity domain-driven-design repository statechart

In a Nutshell, JavATE...

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