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jEmbedded- SOC Container (Service Oriented Container) focused on managing and composing Services and other elements (as pojos, components etc...).

- Create and test faster your Integration/SOA/RIA applications (or prototypes) creating services using annotations and composition of other services as Mule, Jetty, jBPM, Hibernate, Rules,...).

- Implement lightweight SOA using jee/java and ruby.

- Create proxy dynamic services using just an abstract class + annotations + composition of other services.

- Use the core annotations to create and configure your services or extend them to create new ones.

- Create work flows of services in a graphical way using the native jBPM support.

- Create your dynamic business services using service composition (+ Spring, AOP, TX, Hibernate etc).

- Integrated with GWT/Spring MVC to create SOC-RIA applications.

- Introducing the Gwlets/Widglets components, similar in concept to portlets/applets but using GWT widgets and embedded services.

- Have a look at the services examples and the getting started guide to have an idea of what you can do (also at the lightweight SOA case study for an advanced example).

FeaturesProxy Abstract Services and dynamic composition: create services using abstract classes and annotations without providing any implementation. Annotation inheritance, create your customs annotations from the corea annotations. Compose your service workflows graphically using the jBPM native support. Implement services using Java or Ruby. 100% Annotation based configuration (plus .properties files for externalization). Can be used as a standalone container, in a web environment or integrated with other containers. Spring native support (Spring/Spring MVC). Testing support integrated within the framework using static Assert classes. Monitor and manage the services through JMX (status, start, stop...). Spring native support (Spring/Spring MVC). Maven plugin. Several embedded services are provided out of the box and ready to use: - Embedded-database (HSQLDB/ Derby).
- Mule-Service and client (native support + validation-service).
- jBPM-Service (native support).
- JMSBroker-Service and client (ActiveMQ).
- CXFServer-Service (Apache CXF webservices).
- GWT-Service (Google Web Toolkit integration + SpringMVC).
- GWlet-Service (introducing the gwlets and widglets components).
- Spring-Service (native support + supporting services: i18n, validation, hibernate/jpa, aop, orm and mvc).
- Jetty-Service and Http-Client.
- Jdbc-Service (HSQLDB / Derby).
- Tomcat-Service and Http-Client.
- Jasper-Service (compiler).
- jRuby-Service.
- Validation-Service (annotation based, oval).
- Dao-Service (ORM).
- Hibernate-Service.
- Agent-Service.
- JMX-Service.
- Rules-Service (Drools).
- Properties Service.


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