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Jiki is a Java port of the famous personal DidiWiki wiki written in C. It is completely self contained and comes with it's own web server that is listening on localhost on port 8000. It includes a wiki markup parsing engine which make it possible to create HTML markup with an easy to learn text annotation language. Not everything in wiki markup works as it should but all the main features are working. Just don't expect that everything will get rendered exactly the way you marked it up.

It makes use of the SQLite database system provided with android to save self created, hyperlinked notes. Links to the outer world are possible too.

In Android the application is started by opening the application and after the status message point the web browser window to adress http://localhost:8000

The wiki syntax is very similar to the syntax used within the Google code wiki. A very related project I just got aware of recently can be found under the links tab to the right. The Android version of the wiki got realized under android-sdk_m5-rc15_linux-x86.

The author can be reached under email address phalbmayer(at)gmail.com

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