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An easy-to-use, scriptable, command-line interface to JMX servers based on Java/Tcl. Released under the Apache License 2.0.

I don't check my robspassky@gmail.com account much, it's overrun with spam. Better to contact me at robert.cabacungan@corp.aol.com.

Update: 03/12/2010 - Back again. I didn't get laid off!

Update: 06/08/2009 - I'm still here!

FeaturesScriptable Tcl interpreter, based on the Java/Tcl project. Use interactively, or run scripts from the command line. Easy-to-use "Browse" mode to explore JMX namespace interactively. Connect to multiple servers simultaneously. Command-line editing and persistent history using jline. User/password authentication, SSL, and jmxmp in addition to rmi. Source in multiple Tcl files from the command line--build a library of useful functions. FutureImprove the handling of non-primitive Java objects to be more transparent. (e.g., auto-convert Java lists to tcl; provide an easier way to invoke object methods than Java/Tcl provides) Upgrade to next jline version (0.9.94). Automatically source in .jmxsh files in top level directory of jarfile. (So user can add startup files.) Release History03-12-2010 - jmxsh-R5.jar -

I never checked jmx_list into subversion, so I'm not sure if I actually added it in R4 or not... Oops. It's there now and checked in. And I fixed  Issue #2 .

03-03-2009 - jmxsh-R4.jar -

Added jmx_list command to list MBeans. Takes a regex for domains and one for mbeans, and returns a Tcl List.

02-09-2009 - jmxsh-R3.jar -

Fixed jmx_set bug which was the same as the jmx_get bug. Also fixed a bug where error messages of jmx_set weren't being reported.

02-06-2009 - jmxsh-R2.jar -

Fixed jmx_get bug where it was erroring if the ATTROP variable was not set, even if you passed an attribute in its command line. Thanks, Bruce, for the bug report!

02-06-2009 - jmxsh -

This is a shell script wrapper to the jar file. It doesn't allow you to write standalone scripts, but does allow you to say things like "$ jmxsh myscript.jmxsh", etc. You still need to download the jmxsh.jar separately. Of course, this is a Unix-only thing.

- Original Release -

Fully functional as described in the Summary (I think).


admin cli client commandline console java jmx scripting tcl text tool

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