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Posted about 8 years ago by Elleo
This year we’re lucky enough to have three students working on Jokosher as part of the Google Summer of Code, two under GNOME and one under GStreamer. Andi Miller Andi is looking into making it possible to do collaborative editing tasks between ... [More] multiple Jokosher instances, between Jokosher and Pitivi and potentially between Jokosher and a small [...] [Less]
Posted about 8 years ago by Elleo
You may have noticed that the site was unavailable for a number of days recently, this was due to the sudden unexpected loss of a server and our relocation to a new one (big thanks to Jono and Aq for helping to get everything working again). Unfortunately this entailed restoring the site from a slightly [...]
Posted over 9 years ago by laszlo
Just this week we released an update to last month’s version 0.11. Ubuntu packages and source packages are available on the download page as usual. This is a bug fix release only, so you won’t see any shiny new features. You can see the full list of bugs fixed in this release on the 0.11.1 [...]
Posted over 9 years ago by laszlo
After six months of hard work we have released Jokosher 0.11. We haven’t given any updates in a while. Our last update was in October, and there was no details on what new features you can expect in this version. So we’re going to lay it out for you here, in plain English with pretty [...]
Posted almost 10 years ago by laszlo
Jokosher 0.10 Released After almost a year and a half, we got another release out the door. As I mentioned last time this release did not have as many features as the long wait would suggest. Instead there are a few modest features, many welcomed stability fixes, as 0.10 sets the stage for a faster release [...]
Posted about 10 years ago by laszlo
Bazaar and Launchpad Transition We have just completed our transition to the Bazaar version control system. Our code will now be hosted in Bazaar branches on Launchpad. If you were used to using SVN for getting the latest code here are the equivalent ... [More] Bazaar commands: bzr branch lp:jokosher Which replaces: svn co http://svn.jokosher.python-hosting.com/ bzr pull Which replaces: svn update The use of Bazaar [...] [Less]
Posted over 10 years ago by laszlo
Last Sunday we concluded the IRC meeting, and we decided on a list of things to do for the 0.10 release. We decided for certain that the release will be in August. The tentative release date is August 14th, 2008. All features must be completed by the end of July, or they will not be [...]
Posted over 10 years ago by laszlo
The Jokosher team would like to announce the long awaited version 0.10, which will be coming out in August. We are looking forward to getting an updated version of the code into the next Ubuntu release, as the current one is from one year ago. Certainly many Hardy Heron users are getting annoyed that their [...]
Posted almost 11 years ago by nibil
We have two hack sessions scheduled this week - Wed 12th September and Thurs 13th September, both from 9pm UTC in #jokosher on irc.freenode.net. They are quite late (or early or just right depending, Jokosher is a worldwide phenomena!) because its the best overlap between Europe and North America. The plan is simple: [...]
Posted about 11 years ago by laszlo
Once again, a large number of Jokosher community members were present at LugRadio Live 2007 in Wolverhampton, UK. Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge were the hosts of the event, and I (Laszlo Pandy) and Michael Sheldon were both giving presentations. Some other familiar faces from #jokosher were Ben Thorp, John Green, and Chris Proctor. Below [...]