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...n Crause says:
Best Ruby  
written almost 8 years ago

JRuby represents a Ruby implementation which is better than the original - it allows you to use Java libraries in a Ruby application, and typically out-paces C Ruby in every respect. It also simplifies Rails deployment (no need for running multiple instances of a server, as it can run inside a J2EE container).

The only problem I had was with database access - the adapters aren't quite up to scratch with the C Ruby libraries, but I expect this to stabilise.

Java integration is really good - you can configure the runtime such that limited permission environments are easy to cater for - the BrowserScripting project illustrates this by allowing Ruby scripting from within an applet (probably the most permission constrained environment you can have for Java).

I would give this a 5/5 rating, except for my personal dislike for the Ruby language itself.

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