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JsignerJsigner provides an easy way to automatically draw classes diagram, based on annotations on the source code.


Divide your domain in multiple diagrams You can decide which class will be in which diagram. Configure the diagram generation omitting unwanted methods/attributes Diagrams can be generated by Jsigner maven plugin. PurposeThe main purpose of this project is to provide an easy tool for drawing and keeping the class diagrams of your projects up to date. The reason for that is simple...when starting the development of a task, Its common to have a high level vision of the classes... and then... Hands on! The development evolves the model, and at the end of a task, the model is not the same, so we spend time updating the diagrams by doing reverse engineering or manually.

I don't want to do this anymore!

But How?Its quite simple, you just use the @Domain annotation on the classes that you want to be in a the diagram, specifying the diagram name (or names, if the class will appear in multiple diagrams).

See the User Guide and examples wiki pages.

What it looks likeHere is an example of an image generated by jsigner.

Thanks toJsigner is based on MODSL, so thanks to the project and its team.


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