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This is a java wrapper around the fabulous tool by Douglas Crockford, jslint. It provides a simple interface for detecting potential problems in JavaScript code.

The usage is simple:

% java -jar jslint4java-1.3.3.jar application.js
jslint:application.js:11:9:Line breaking error ')'.
jslint:application.js:11:10:Missing semicolon.There are a multitude of options; try --help for more details.

You might also be interested in the ant task. This lets you run jslint as part of your builds. For documentation, see the jslint4java-ant page. If you find this useful, you may also like the jsmin ant task for reducing the size of your JavaScript files.

News2009-12-02. jslint4java 1.3.3 is released. Noteworthy alterations:

Add support for the predef option, to allow specifying a list of predefined global variables. Update to JSLint 2009-11-24. This brings the devel option. 2009-11-12. jslint4java 1.3.2 is released. Changes include:

Allow use of an external jslint.js. Update to JSLint 2009-10-04. This includes a new maxerrs option. Tidy up the docs a little. My thanks to Simon Kenyon Shepard and Ryan Alberts for helping me to fix portability issues in my unit tests. 2009-07-31. jslint4java 1.3.1 is released. This release fixes:

Improved support for NetBeans thanks to Ari Shamash! Correct line numbers (previously off by one). The ant task now states the full path to the file being checked. The build failure now includes the total number of errors found. Updated to JSLint 2009-07-25. 2009-07-23. jslint4java 1.3 is released. This release features:

An upgrade to jslint 2009-07-08. The indent option is now supported. Add getEdition() call. The ant task can now work with any kind of nested resource, not just files. Improved documentation. The build system has been switched to maven. This means jslint4java is now available as a maven dependency:
NB: The package names have changed from net.happygiraffe.jslint to com.googlecode.jslint4java. The most likely place this will affect you is if you are using the antlib support.

2008-12-23. Development of the code has moved to github. Feel free to visit http://github.com/happygiraffe/jslint4java or:

$ git clone git://github.com/happygiraffe/jslint4java.git2008-09-07. jslint4java 1.2.1 was released.

Recompiled with Java 5 instead of Java 6. 2008-09-07. jslint4java 1.2 was released.

Update to latest version of jslint. Rework the ant task to be more flexible.


ant java javascript lint

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