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JWSPerf is an open-source utility to automate the performance evaluation of Java Web Services to facilitate the choice of the “ideal” toolkit to implement an application. JWSPerf supports three Java Web Services toolkits – Apache Axis, Java Web Services Developer Pack and Systinet Server for Java.

JWSPerf allows the Web Services users compare and contrast the performance and features of various toolkits based on our benchmark, and select the one that best suits their needs.JWSPerf allows to select a WSDL file, regardless of whether it resides on the local machine, a private intranet, or the Internet. After loading and analyzing the file, JWSPerf generates one test case operation for each defined operation. Currently, JWSPerf calculates the average response time, throughput, the total transaction number, the average warm-up time and standard deviation.

JWSPerf is executed from the command line and it uses Java Ant technology to building all the client code.


In a Nutshell, jwsperf...



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Jun 2 2015 — Jul 2 2015

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