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Kanaputs is an interpreter for Java. No more compilation, each instruction is executed when you write it. With Kanaputs you can write powerful scripts in the Java syntax.

Kanaputs can be embedded very easily into an XML document to do programmatic features. For example, Kanaputs is fully integrated with Ant and provides a way to do Java into an XML Ant build file.

From Kanaputs you can create any object from any kind of jar or class files and invoke methods on them.

The grammar of the Kanaputs language is very close to the Java grammar. One big difference is that any variable handled by Kanaputs is type-less. There is no variable declaration nor type casting needed. Depending on the variable value, and where it is used, Kanaputs chooses the best internal Java basic type and tries the most appropriate type castings. When a variable handles a Java object, its type is the class of the Java object.

Another key feature of Kanaputs is the reactivity. Any variable can be reactive. You just have to choose if the variable is reactive or not. If the variable 'c' was defined like this c = a + b; and if the reactivity of 'c' is set (c.reactive = true;), each time the value of 'a' or 'b' changes then the value of 'c' is updated as the result of the addition. When a variable is reactive, it listens to the other variables (or field of objects) in order to update its value (by executing all the operations this variable depends on). The reactivity feature is very useful to manage Graphical User Interfaces by listening to any kind of event (like a button click for example) and consequently update variable values in a very simple way.

Kanaputs requires JDK 1.4 or newer to work.
Download latest version of Kanaputs (zip file for any OS)
Download latest version of Kanaputs for Windows (with an installer for windows)

Want to see more ?
      Open the tutorial

How to integrate Kanaputs in Apache Ant ?
      Read "Kanaputs plugin for Ant" doc

Want to dive in Kanaputs API ?
      Open the javadoc

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