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K2 is an advanced open source theme for WordPress, developed by Michael Heilemann, Chris J Davis, Zeo, Steve Lam, Ben Sherratt and Eric Marden.

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Charity-WareK2 wasn't made for profit, and so if you have money to give away, please consider donating to either of these fine organizations:

Unicef | Amnesty International | Doctors without Borders

RequirementsWe always recommend using the latest release of WordPress, which at the time of writing is 2.9.

FeaturesUser-friendly. Admin-friendly. Semantic XHTML, CSS and JS structure. Supports custom CSS files, the so-called 'styles'. Supports child themes. Smart layout adapts to needs. Fully configurable from options page. Upload and manage custom headers. WordPress widgets ready. Live search, live archives and posting of comments. Dozens of plugins supported out-of-the-box.


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30 Day Summary

Oct 25 2015 — Nov 24 2015

12 Month Summary

Nov 24 2014 — Nov 24 2015