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KDE is a development platform, a set of applications and a graphical desktop; it's all of these things. It is created by a community of people dedicated to create a free, open-source and user-friendly computing experience. KDE offers all the necessary means to easily build all kinds of applications upon our libraries, as well as offers many applications out of the box. From a media player, to a text editor, to a workspace, a web browser, a file manager, and so on.

KDE has been around since 1996, with the code change history dating back at least to 1997.

KDE is one of the biggest free software C++ projects around and one of the two leaders of UNIX desktops. Not only this, but KDE also runs on Windows and OS X.



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Jul 12 2015 — Aug 11 2015

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Aug 11 2014 — Aug 11 2015
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