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Kipler is an object-oriented tableau framework for rapid development of (modalized) description logic reasoners.It also comes with readily implemented decision procedures for some of these logics.

A decision procedure for such a logic can be implemented by (programmatically) extending the classes provided by Kipler and thus making use of object-oriented programming techniques. It is not our aim to develop a general tableau definition language for these logics.

Kipler is under heavy development. Currently it supports SHIQ ABox reasoning and experimental SHOIQ reasoning. These logics are the underlying formalism of Web Ontology Language: OWL and thus are included in Kipler's profile to demonstrate its capabilities. These implementations also employ some optimization techniques, e.g., semantic branching and backjumping, to make them "practical". The facilities provided by Kipler for optimizations can be extended to modal description logics as well.

The first alpha version is planned to be released when integration with an OWL parsing API is completed and more tests are done.

The name Kipler means "modalities" in Turkish.


descriptionlogic java modallogic owl reasoner semanticweb tableau

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