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Welcome to Kopal, the open social networking platform.

For UsersWhy Kopal? Getting_Started - Guide for installing and getting started with Kopal. For Web DesignersThemes for Kopal For DevelopersGetting Started for developers. Kopal API Kopal Connect Protocol Kopal Feed Microformat WelcomeKopal is a set of standards that let you be a part of web-wide social network using your very own URI as your identity. Kopal is decentralised and destributed and no signle authority controls the network. Best of all it is an open standrd, for any one to hack in.

Here is an example of how it works.

(Note that Bob is on example.org and Alice on example.net, two very different and independent domains.).

Bob has his personal web-page at http://bob.example.org/, he writes a blog at http://bob.example.org/blog/ and manages a wiki at http://bob.example.org/wiki/. Alice has her personal web-page at http://alice.example.net/, she publishes some photos at http://alice.example.net/photo/ and videos at http://alice.example.net/video/ Bob has an email on his own domain as bob@bob.example.org, so is Alice as alice@alice.example.net In other words, every data that belongs to Bob and Alice, resides on there own server. Wouldn't it be great that their social-profile too resides on their own server? And this is where Kopal steps in. Bob and Alice both install Kopal at http://bob.example.org/profile/ and at http://alice.example.net/profile/ respectively. Bob now can display his social profile at http://bob.example.net/profile/ (so is Alice). He also can now connect to his friends (including Alice) over the web, and do pretty much everything as much as in a traditional social network, with only the difference that Kopal is decentralised meaning that the whole web is your social network with no single authority to control. PS: What more? Kopal also enables two very independent social-networking websites to interact with each other. Meaning if you have your social-profile on website A, and you have some friends on website B, you don't need to create another profile on website B. Given, both website A and B understand Kopal protocol, you can just easily interact with your friends at website B right from your profile at website A.

Getting StartedHold on. Kopal is in very early stages and under heavy development. So, here be dragons!. Developers may want to start with Kopal protocols Kopal_Connect and Kopal_Feed.

Help neededKopal is in its initial stage and needs some real-world testing and guidance. You are welcome to contribute or discuss. If you're a Ruby on Rails developer, please download and test it or just spread the word. Your comments are invaluable.

Source code of reference implementation is licenced under MIT Licence.

Protocol and documentations are under CC-BY-3.0



distributed microformats openid rails ruby semantic-web social-network social-networking standard xrds yadis

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