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Project Summary

Top level project for L2FProd.com sub projects.

This project aims to provide the java developer community with
graphical user interface components and libraries to help in building
desktop applications.

It starts with the Skin Look And
Feel project (aka SkinLF) which brings "skins" to Swing
application. It supports themepacks made from Linux GTK and KDE
themes. Skin Look And Feel can be used on all platforms including
Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Then a more general project named L2FProd.com Common
Components provides user interface controls missing in the
standard Swing toolkit such as status bar, directory chooser ala
Windows, property sheet component. Mid-term goal includes a simple yet
usable framework to manage actions (buttons, menuitems) and get them
updated when needed (such as on selection change, on external events).

If you are using JDK 1.4.2, you will be able to globally enable
anti-aliasing with the Wrap Look And
Feel (aka WrapLF).

Finally the L2FProd.com Incubator is the place where some
experiences will take place, like the Synth
Builder or this
small app to help you in writing your Resume.

Subprojects come with source code and are free to use.


gui java

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