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Posted over 4 years ago by Ivan Čukić
With a title of a great Jethro Tull song, and a teaser screenshot, I’m ending this post.
Posted over 5 years ago by Ivan Čukić
ex Lancelot Part, has became ex Shelf and got a rather fancy new name – Chiffonier. It will remain only until it becomes mature enough to become a drop-in replacement of the current version. The searching works without issues, and in that area there are no differences between the C++ implementation and the new one. [...]
Posted over 5 years ago by Ivan Čukić
I have realized I haven’t had a Lancelot-tagged post in a really long time. This just has to change. After the release of Plasma Active 2, I decided to take a few days off, and do something else. After Martin’s port of Kickoff to QML, I got the idea that I could finally start porting [...]
Posted over 6 years ago by Ivan Čukić
I thought making a screencast would take less time than writing a manual for the Userbase. Oh, boy, was I wrong… constant chat popups, notifications, /home partition full errors etc. So after a few attempts, I succeeded making it with only one error message and no nortifications. The video demonstrates two basic methods of creating [...]
Posted almost 7 years ago by Ivan Čukić
Just a small reminder – in KDE SC 4.5, Lancelot shows Plasma‘s widgets/viewitem.svgz as a background for the items in the lists. So, you should remove the files that match lancelot/action-list-view-* except action-list-view-headers.svgz from your ... [More] themes. If you don’t, the list items will have two backgrounds and will look *ugly*. The reason why I didn’t [...] [Less]
Posted about 7 years ago by Ivan Čukić
Every once in a while I write a post related to relations between lancelot and kmail or kopete. This time it is only to notify you that until KMail2 arrives*, the ‘unread mail’ section in Lancelot will not work since L in SC 4.5 switched to Akonadi. * if PIM devs don’t miss the initial plan, it [...]
Posted about 7 years ago by Ivan Čukić
It is a well known fact that devs hate writing the user documentation (we are not even fond of writing devel documentation), so it was the same case for me and Lancelot’s manual. But from time to time our conscience tells us that we should do something about it. In this case, the role of my [...]
Posted about 7 years ago by Ivan Čukić
I’m not going to make a detailed post, just a screen-shot based overview of the new features you can expect in KDE 4.5. Cascading popups There was a lot of talk in the beginning about why Kickoff and Lancelot are not like the classic menu – and don’t have popups. Although I still don’t consider cascading popups [...]
Posted about 7 years ago by Ivan Čukić
Lancelot (the menu) was not really designed to run on mobile devices (although it could be used on such devices as a full screen application quite well), but the Lancelot Part applet proved to be a rather good fit. I wasn’t involved in any mobile-related developments at Tokamak 4 (I had too much to work on [...]
Posted over 7 years ago by Ivan Čukić
A small visual update of Lancelot’s pies: Concerning bars instead of pies: Bars below the text (like in dolphin) will not be implemented: I’m trying to keep everything in Lancelot generic enough with a complete model-view separation, so ... [More] introducing a widget just for a specific model is not an option. Comment by Ivan Čukić — 7 February 2010 Bars as [...] [Less]