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There's a major problem in LaTeX bibliography styling/sorting when not using BibTeX.

When using BibTeX, one can specify a \bibliographystyle, but if we're generating our bibliography from plain \bibitem entries, using the \thebibliography command, there's no way of specifying the output style.

Given a main .tex file and a bibliography .tex file (containing only bibitems), the LaTeX-BibitemStyler will go through all the input .tex files of your project, collect the cites in order of appearance, and allow you to generate a new bibliography .tex file while specifying an output style.

PLAIN. ALPHA. Alphabetical order UNSRT. Cite order of appearance

Microsoft .NET Framework is required to run the LaTeX-BibitemStyler.

If you found this useful, please drop me a line! Reviews and suggestions are very welcome!

In a Nutshell, latex-bibitemstyler...

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