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PurposeThe purpose of this project is to continue learning DDD (Domain Driven Design) by extensively studying the DDD sample created by Eric Evans and the Swedish consulting company, Citerus. The sample is an excellent example of how domain modelling with an object-oriented language can be accomplished using today's most prevalent technologies: Spring framework, Hibernate, servlets, JMS, etc.

DiscussionAs I go through the book by Eric Evans, Doman Driven Design, I will be adding wiki pages explaining the topics as I understand them in hopes of sparking discussion and most importantly to continue my learning. I will also be copying and improving the DDD sample code and include subversion revision numbers to help explain topics in the wiki.

After I have studied and copied the code into SVN, I hope to use it to further my understanding of large, complex, enterprise systems by deploying to JBoss, clustering behind a load-balancer, and introducing teracotta to the project where applicable.

In a Nutshell, learn-ddd...

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