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  Analyzed 2 days ago based on code collected 2 days ago.

This suit of programs allow using any cellphone equipped with stereo output to be used as a remote control for device controlled by infared remote control.

Suite is for DOS/Windows O.S., but the final needed WAV files can be created in any hand.

No IRDA port is required on the phone. IR signal is produced by attaching IR LEDs to cellphone audio output.

Written in Pys60, tested on nokia 6680. Not working on nokia 6600 (maybe stereo outout required). Not working on n70 with single LED, to be tested with double LED.


In a Nutshell, ledrem...



30 Day Summary

Apr 20 2015 — May 20 2015

12 Month Summary

May 20 2014 — May 20 2015



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