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Leo is...

- A premier Integrated Development Environment, fully scriptable using Python.
- An outline-oriented, flexible filing cabinet holding any kind of data: including programs, web sites, text documents of all kinds, music, graphics and movies.
- The premier platform for creating, generating, studying, scripting, testing, and validating computer programs, web sites and any other complex data.
- A rendering engine for reStructuredText, web pages and svg graphics.
- A music and movie player.
- A sophisticated PyQt app running on Windows and Linux.
- 100% pure Python, running on Python 2.6 and above, including Python 3.x.
- Open Software, distributed under the MIT License.


editor editors ide leo literate outliner programming python scripting xml

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Sep 15 2019 — Oct 15 2019

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Oct 15 2018 — Oct 15 2019
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