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Project Has MovedThis project has been moved to github. This repository will remain for the time being, however.

LHASA: Layout Handler for ActionScript ApplicationsThis project aims to create a simple and powerful box model style layout handling system written in ActionScript. The target audience is developers that would like to use a similar set of layout tools that Flex has but without the entire Flex framework.

Ideally it would be great to see the library expand to include basic UI element building blocks such as lists, buttons, etc. which delegate their styling/drawing to separate classes to keep the library uncluttered. More detail can be found in the RoadMap.

NewsAugust 16, 2008Version 0.2.1 is released. After a fair bit of use, I grappled with issues regarding elements not fully updating. Usually elements that required several update steps would not always have their later RENDER events caught and thus would not update. I later confirmed my suspicions when I found an older but obviously still relevant post on a forum about this. For this release I have converted it to use the ENTER_FRAME event which makes things slightly less optimal performance-wise but I believe it should be negligible.

May 21, 2008Version 0.2 is released. This version contains generated documentation by ASDOC and some small changes to the code-base. This release contains some changes that will conflict with use of 0.1 though they should be minor.

May 19, 2008The beginnings of the revisted structure has been commited to the trunk. r15 should serve as the basis for progress on this project.


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