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Activity on LibFail-1.0 by sylvanaar (see full profile for sylvanaar)

All-time Commits: 67
12-Month Commits: 0
30-Day Commits: 0
Overall Kudo Rank: KudoRank 9
First Commit: 19-Dec-2008
Last Commit: 29-Oct-2009
Names in SCM: sylvanaar
Commit history: Commits_compound_spark

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Pilus KudoRank 1

"Great work on lua for idea. It have helped me and my team a lot in AddOn develop"

Advert KudoRank 1

"Awesome work on Lua for IDEA"

Sunspots KudoRank 1

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Language Aggregate Coding Time Total Commits Total Lines Changed Comment Ratio
  Lua 5m 54 1,313 18.0%
  XML 3m 3 22 -
All Languages 5m 67 1,335 17.7%