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MM23 says:
Fly light, fly fast -- lighttpd.  
written almost 10 years ago

Lighttpd is light, fast, and unbloated, much like its chosen logo: a paper airplane. It has great Perl, Python, PHP, and even Ruby/Rails support through FastCGI. Though Apache can certainly do everything it can, lighttpd does it with significantly less overhead and memory usage, making it especially ideal for high-bandwidth websites which work primarily with large 1MB+ files.

My only qualm is the lack of .htaccess (a huge selling point for Apache) and its confusing and non-directory specific mod_rewrite implementation.

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...ard Hurt says:
Good but could be better.  
written over 9 years ago

I really like the fact that the config file is much cleaner and easier to understand than some of the legacy HTTP servers. Its web serving, redefined! :)

The down side is that its FastCGI (i.e. Perl) handling is still pretty weak. Someone please show me how to run Perl CGI quickly on this web server!


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dienaya says:
Youtube uses it to serve video  
written about 10 years ago

Nothing matches it in terms of scalability.

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