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Posted over 4 years ago by admin
Several weeks ago, Log5F has been released on Sonatype OSS Maven Repository and was sucessfully promoted to Central Maven Repository. This was made possible thanks to Sonatype OSS Repository Hosting Service program. Maven repository for Log5F ... [More] is You can link Log5F to your project as follow: ... ... log5f org.log5f 1.1 swc [...] [Less]
Posted almost 5 years ago by admin
Next version of Log5F will consist of two libraries – log5f (base library) and log5f-fp10.1 that extends log5f, it based on features of Flash Player 10.1 (e.g. NetGroup for NetGroupAppender that can be used for logging mobile applications) all features for next version here
Posted about 5 years ago by admin
Layout, that enables using Log4J viewers for logging Flash applications, on the wiki – Log4JLayout. It converts log events into XML format, that can be parsed by Log4J viewers, such as Chainsaw.
Posted about 5 years ago by admin
Two updates, first is new Downloads page, where you can download latest build, and second is that asdocs are available!
Posted about 5 years ago by admin
Now Log5F has build server, that powered by – free hosted Continuous Integration platform. It’s absolutely free and supports Flex projects! Log5F CI Server
Posted about 5 years ago by admin
Added page Layouts, that describe how them work. And added description for the SimpleLayout – the simplest of all layouts.
Posted about 5 years ago by admin
New page posted on the wiki – XPanelAppedner, it describes how to use log5f for output logging messages into XPanel. XPanel is an AIR tool that helps show logging information (read more). Note: this description moved from old site.
Posted about 5 years ago by admin
Structure SVN was changed, now repository has main folder, that will contain several version of Log5F, for different platform and with different capabilities: ./trunk/main contains core library and extensions ./trunk/main/log5f contains current ... [More] version of Log5F ./trunk/main/tests contains project with unit tests for libraries The log5f is a core library, that doesn’t require more than Flash [...] [Less]
Posted about 5 years ago by max.rozdobudko
Please, visit the new home page –
Posted about 5 years ago by admin
Moved documentation of the TraceAppender and BrowserAppender appenders on Wiki. The last one can be used with Firebug and WebKit Console.