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Entrust says:
Best DMS  
written about 8 years ago

When I was deciding which DMS to use I tried Knowledge Tree, Owl Intranet Knowledgebase, OpenKM Document Management, and Xinco. I chose Logicaldoc because it had great documentation for getting the product installed compared to the other projects, it worked with Postgres, and it used technologies that I liked such as Lucene, Hibernate, and the spring framework. The team has been very quick about responding to questions that I ask as well as providing the information necessary to mitigate any problems that I had. This is a great project and I really enjoy using the product. The search functionality is so FAST!! The tag capability is also really cool. The employees at my office also really enjoy the searching function. No more using Windows search to search the network share because Logicaldoc is now used to manage all the documents!

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marco says:
LogicalDOC 5.0 adds Workflow  
written over 7 years ago

One of the most interesting features introduced by the latest 5.0 release, is a complete Workflow system.
The Workflow is implemented in the LogicalDOC's way, that is the easiest way to bring such a feature to the end user.
In fact you can visually design your business processed directly in your browser. In the same way users can start forkflow on a set of documents, with a couple of click. The escalation-management feature than assure all the needed notifications and warnings.

Se more about this new release on our website at: http://www.logicaldoc.com

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williets says:
written almost 7 years ago

excellent thing,thank you

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