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Project Summary

Logram is a unique and light desktop environment coded in C++ with Qt graphics library.

Logram uses some interesting concepts, like the tabs (which unfold when the mouse passes over), the Round Menu (consisting of layers that can run independently of the others), and a wallpaper annimation.

Logram is not yet at the major desktop environments, but it works. With technology LIO, it is similar to the KDE's KIOs.

Logram integrates a window decorator, a desktop manager, and contains a file browser, an image viewer, a C++ IDE, a web browser, ...

Logram is also a Linux Distro, that can use KDE or Logram DE. Its package manager is Logram Setup, a powerful binary package manager, found in a library and coming with a console and a graphical (Shaman 2) front-end.


c++ linux

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