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This project is a handy toolkit for developers and companies that use Maven 2 site generation capabilities in order to generate HTML project presentations. m2-site-tools extends the standard site plugin that comes with Maven 2 with custom macros and page template and offers many exciting features: inserting highlighted code snippets as well as parametrized HTML, Google Analytics and Google Friend Connect integration, SEO (meta-description) support and more.

Latest stable version: 2.0 [Download]


Version 2.0 has been released. stylus-ext-skin Velocity template was revised from the ground up along with the documentation. There are three new exciting features so be sure to check them out.

Feature listFeatures offered by m2-site-tools include:

CodeSnippetMacro for inserting code snippets HtmlTemplateSnippetMacro for inserting parametrized HTML snippets SimpleTagMacro for inserting simple HTML tags SyntaxHighlighter integration for snippets inserted by CodeSnippetMacro Simple SyntaxHighlighter brush for Java properties files Google Analytics Tracking Code integration Google Friend Connect integration new Meta-description attribute support new Possibility to customize the "Privacy Policy" link Possibility to exclude the default "Built by Maven" logo if no poweredBy element is specified new Getting startedSee the user guide to get started using m2-site-tools.

We recommend adding a repository to your project's pom.xml (or as a mirror to your Maven central repository).

Compatibilitym2-site-tools supports the following configuration:

Maven 2.1.0 (doxia-core 1.0) SyntaxHighlighter 2.0.320


In a Nutshell, m2-site-tools...


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