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Project Summary

Maatkit is a collection of essential command-line utilities for MySQL:
*Table Checksum* checks whether tables have the same data, ie check slaves for consistency with the master.

*Table Sync* efficiently finds/resolves differences between two tables.

*Show Grants* helps extract, compare, change, synchronize, and version control user privileges.

*Slave Restart* monitors a replication slave for errors and tries to restart it.

*Slave Delay* implements delayed replication.

*Find* is the MySQL counterpart to the UNIX ‘find’ command, for table metadata.

*Duplicate Key Checker* checks for whole or partial key duplication.

*Archiver* helps purge stale data.

*Deadlock Logger*
*Query Profiler*
*Parallel Dump*
*Parallel Restore*
*Visual Explain*

See homepage for more info


database_administration mysql tools

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