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Managarm is a modern operating system that is based on a virtual machine. Its objective is to provide a fast and stable operating system for daily use. Managarms device drivers are written in a managed programming language and are verified before executed. Modern virtual machine and just-in-time compilation techniques are used to achieve high performance without risking a loss of stability and security.

At the moment Managarm is in the very early stages of development and only few programs are supported. It is available for the Intel x86 (Pentium or better) architecture, however, it could be easily ported to other platforms.

Managarm is primarily written in the Korona programming language that was specifically designed for managed operating system and driver code. Some parts of the runtime library are written in assembly language; some utilities and applications are written in Java.

Currently Managarm's virtual machine only runs its own bytecode format, later also Java bytecode will be supported. It would be possible to implement a frontend for .NET but that is not planned to be realized in the near future.


compiler device microkernel just-in-time virtual kernel programming operating driver assembly system machine managed language korona

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