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Hattrick is a web-based football team management game, involving selling and buying players, making lineups, arranging friendly games and such.

Besides the appealing competitive aspects of the game, the community behind Hattrick is thriving. People from all over the world convene in the internal forum to discuss pretty much anything, whether related to the game or not. This community aspect drives some people to create websites with statistics about the game, and back in 2003, Maptrick was one such website. Originally envisioned as a "graphical overview of where Hattrick players live in the world", it developed into something else. Over time, it evolved the following features:

- a historic overview of where ownerless teams existed in the league structure, and how the perceived problem of decreased competitivity increased over time - tracking of league growth and shrinkage over time - tracking of training type preference over time - Support for "flag chasing" (a form of meta-gaming where players arrange friendly matches with teams from countries that their team has never visited before) - the "Hall of Cool", showing which teams have the "coolest" flags" - a "friendly suggester" that makes it easier to find teams that will give you a flag

Unfortunately, Maptrick was forced to move from the server that it was hosted on, before it could be moved to the servers of fellow statistics service, Alltid. The cause was simple: Maptrick was created as a hobby project, and contains lots of sub-par code and queries, and lacks good documentation, which both precipitated its ejection from the (shared) server and made it harder to port to the (already strained) Alltid servers.

Now that Maptrick is in limbo between the original server and Alltid, and no end is in sight because of time restraints on the part of the developers, a possible solution presented itself: open the source to the public, so that people who do have time may make the code suitable for a production server, and maybe even add a feature or two.

If you think you can help, and you want write access to the repository, send an e-mail to CHPP-ste1n (laszlo.vandenhoek@gmail.com). Depending on public interest, I will add documentation that may ease development.

Documentation is mostly lacking, but for now you can start at [Architecture]. Further documentation will be provided as soon as someone asks for it.


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