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What is it?Marchfluxmenu is an attempt to have the fluxbox menu emulate the Gnome (or XFCE) menu, in both looks and functionallity. It first generates a fluxbox menu for the current user from all the valid .desktop files found in /usr/share/applications/ The menu entries are categorized in a similar way as Gnome menu, viz as Accessories, Games, Graphics, Internet, etc etc. The program then uses a daemon like script (mfmdaemon) to watch for changes in the directory /usr/share/applications/ If a new .desktop file is added/removed (for installation/removal of a package), the fluxbox menu auto-refreshes to reflect the change! You can also make changes manually to the menu items (NOT the submenu names themselves, yet!). They won't be lost while refreshing the menu.

NOTE: mfm requires Python >=2.5.2

Changelogver 1.2Implemented a new icon finding algorithm for the apps appearing in the menu. Now it searches for icons in the directories /usr/share/pixmaps and /usr/share/icons/48x48/apps. It matches the icon file names with the Icon entry in the respective .desktop files One can also add more directories easily.


Getting startedMarchfluxmenu is written in python, which you need to have in your system. To run the GUI menu editor, fluxMenu, you'll also need pygtk.

Get the tarball, untar it and run the installer script there. This will create a ~/.marchfluxmenu directory where the program will be 'installed'.The installer also generates a new fluxbox menu. The current menu will be backed up as ~/.fluxbox/menu.mfm.bak The mfmdaemon is also started by the installer. You might want to add the 'daemon' to your fluxbox startup file as well, if you want it to run everytime fluxbox starts (Recommended!). Just add the line

~/.marchfluxmenu/.mfmdaemon &
at the appropriate place of ~/.fluxbox/startup


In a Nutshell, marchfluxmenu...



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Jan 4 2015 — Feb 3 2015

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