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MediaURLs is a free plugin for Movable Type 4.x that provides a few simple template tags that allow you to easily make use of multiple domains or subdomains to host media assets for your site such as css and javascript files, images, downloads or more.

The original idea for the plugin came from information on the Yahoo! Developer Network's "Performance" site.

Tags ProvidedThe plugin provides access to four new template tags which can be used to separate the distribution of your CSS, JS and image files. The values output by these template tags can be configured on the System level in Movable Type.

The template tag is intended to be a more generic catch-all tag that can be used if you only want to serve your media assets from a single secondary domain/subdomain.

Example Use<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"




In a Nutshell, mediaurls...



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