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Analyzed 5 months ago. based on code collected 5 months ago.
Posted 2 days ago by Mike Hommey
changeset dbbe45ae5ad1 branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Mike Hommey description setup: allow to run setup.py with python 3 without a mercurial checkout Some people may want to test mercurial in a python 3 environment through e.g. pip, in which case setup.py doesn't run in a mercurial checkout, so the hack in setup.py to allow python 3 cannot be overcome. This change allows a manual override with the HGPYTHON3 environment variable. Additionally, when for some reason the version is unknown (for crazy people like me, who have a git checkout of the mercurial repo), the version variable ends up being an unicode string, which fails the `isinstance(version, bytes)` assertion. So fix that at the same time. Differential Revision: https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D3958 files setup.py [Less]
Posted 2 days ago by Paul Morelle
changeset 4ad2a1ff0404 branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Paul Morelle description upgrade: add information about sparse-revlog Show information about sparse-revlog in debugformat, just like other requirements. files mercurial/upgrade.pytests/test-upgrade-repo.t [Less]
Posted 2 days ago by Kyle Lippincott
changeset d79f3afb079e branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Kyle Lippincott description curses: use "text" interface if TERM=dumb Differential Revision: https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D3948 files mercurial/ui.pytests/test-commit-interactive-curses.t [Less]
Posted 2 days ago by Boris Feld
changeset fcb517ff9562 branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Boris Feld description debug: move extensions debug behind a dedicated flag Since b86664c81833, we process the `--debug` flag earlier. This is overall good and useful, but has at least one negative side effect. Previously the debug message we report when trying to import extensions were issued before we processed the `--debug` flag. Now they happen after. Before: $ ./hg id --debug 21f507b8de2f9c1606e9aeb5ec7d2a6dedb7a4a7 tip After: $ ./hg id --debug ☿ (revset-bench) could not import hgext.evolve (No module named evolve): trying hgext3rd.evolve could not import hgext.mercurial_keyring (No module named mercurial_keyring): trying hgext3rd.mercurial_keyring could not import hgext3rd.mercurial_keyring (No module named mercurial_keyring): trying mercurial_keyring could not import hgext.hggit (No module named hggit): trying hgext3rd.hggit could not import hgext3rd.hggit (No module named hggit): trying hggit 21f507b8de2f9c1606e9aeb5ec7d2a6dedb7a4a7 tip (This get worse if --traceback is used). To work around this, we move this extensions related debug message behind a new flag 'devel.debug.extensions' and restore the previous output. I'm not fully happy about using the 'devel' section for a flag that can be used by legitimate users to debug extensions issues. However, it fits well next to other `devel.devel.*` options and is mostly used by extensions author anyway. We might move it to another, more appropriate section in the future (using alias). files mercurial/configitems.pymercurial/extensions.pytests/test-bad-extension.t [Less]
Posted 3 days ago by Matt Harbison
changeset c382c19ce9bd branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Matt Harbison description windows: expand '~/' and '~\' to %USERPROFILE% when translating to cmd.exe It's convenient to be able to reference hooks in a portable location on any platform. files mercurial/help/config.txtmercurial/windows.py [Less]
Posted 3 days ago by Matt Harbison
changeset 02b5b5c1bba8 branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Matt Harbison description windows: replace single quote with double quote when translating to cmd.exe Since cmd.exe doesn't understand single quotes, single quotes to prevent $var expansion is basically unusable without this. Single quote isn't allowed in a path name, so it seems unlikely to come up otherwise. files mercurial/help/config.txtmercurial/windows.pytests/test-histedit-fold.t [Less]
Posted 3 days ago by Matt Harbison
changeset f9b2d996ffa5 branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Matt Harbison description hook: only print the note about native cmd translation if it actually changes This makes it so that it will never occur on a non Windows platform. files mercurial/hook.py [Less]
Posted 3 days ago by Matt Harbison
changeset 2009d84f245a branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Matt Harbison description hook: disable the shell to native command translation by default There are other things I want to add like ~ expansion and translating single to double quotes for cmd.exe. So off by default is safer. I'm having second thoughts about the name, but I don't have any better ideas. files mercurial/help/config.txtmercurial/hook.pytests/test-bookmarks-pushpull.ttests/test-commit-amend.ttests/test-histedit-fold.ttests/test-keyword.ttests/test-push-http.ttests/test-rebase-interruptions.t [Less]
Posted 5 days ago by Gregory Szorc
changeset 3b072388ca78 branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Gregory Szorc description scmutil: rewrite docstring for filecache The old docstring was incorrect in that it said that subsequent calls perform a stat() and refresh the object if things change. This is not how things work: __get__ populates obj.__dict__[self.sname] with the result of the decorated function and returns this value without validation on subsequent calls, if available. The correct usage of this type is kinda wonky. It would probably benefit from a refactor. But I don't have time to do that right now. But we can change the docstring so others aren't entrapped by its lies (like I was when using repofilecache in a Mozilla extension). Differential Revision: https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D3943 files mercurial/scmutil.py [Less]
Posted 6 days ago by Sushil khanchi
changeset 35b3f686157a branch bookmark ... [More] tag user Sushil khanchi description rebase: correct misleading message in --confirm option Differential Revision: https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D3939 files hgext/rebase.pytests/test-rebase-inmemory.t [Less]