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MeRMI 1.0.2 beta is now available!

Download this release from the MeRMI Release index. For information on installing MeRMI see the Installation Guide. For an introduction on how to use MeRMI please see How to Use MeRMI.

This updated release includes a fix for the set primitive bug, now allowing primitives to be used as method parameters. It also includes HTTP Basic Authentication, allowing secure communication between mobile devices and back end servers.

Many thanks to Aron Sogor for the work he has done on this release. He has provided both the fix and the addition of HTTP authentication. His contribution to the Mermi project has been crucial and much appreciated.

This version of MeRMI should work on any MIDP 1.0 compliant phone suppoting HTTP. If you have any problems using Mermi, please post to the discussion forums and these will be addressed as quickly as possible.

HelloMermi Example Project now Available!

Download hellomermi.zip

Getting started with Mermi can be a daunting. This example project shows a simple hello world, complete with ant build scripts. Use this as a template for your own projects. See the included README.txt for more details.



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