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Metrix++ collects metrics, exports results and limits metrics related to software source code.
- It has got plugin based architecture, it is easy to add support for new languages and/or define new metrics and/or create new processing tools.
- It scales well to big code bases. For example initial parsing of about 10000 files takes 2-3 minutes on average PC, and ONLY 10-20 seconds for iterative re-run. Reporting of summary result and exceeded limits is less than 1 - 10 seconds.
- Highly configurable
- It can compare results for 2 code snapshots and differentiate added, modified and unchanged regions (classes, functions, etc.) As a result, easy deployment is guaranteed into legacy software, helping you to enforce 'leave it not worse than before' or 'leave it re-factored' rule.


c# c++ code code_metrics complexity count coverage cyclomatic duplication improvement java lines maintainability metrics performance plugins quality scanning source statistics

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