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mimms is an mms (e.g. mms://) stream downloader
mimms is a program designed to allow you to download streams using the MMS protocol and save them to your computer, as opposed to watching them live. Similar functionality is available in full media player suites such as Xine, MPlayer, and VLC, but mimms is quick and easy to use and, for the time being, remains a useful program.
Originally, mimms was forked directly from the last known version of mmsclient, which was for years unmaintained. mimms was started with the following goals:
* Keep a working copy of "mmsclient" (now "mimms") well maintained
* Fix lots of the bugs that were in mmsclient
* Extend the functionality of the program in useful ways
Since the 2.x series, mimms shares no code with mmsclient, and actually does all of it's MMS operations using libmms, a library based off of the xine-improved mmsclient code, which is designed to allow multiple implementations of MMS clients without requiring a fragmented code base. The mimms 3.x series is implemented entirely in python, and is freed from the details of the MMS protocol and architecture dependence, and can focus on usability.
mimms has only the following major dependencies:
* python (>= 2.5) -
* libmms (>= 0.4) -
Source code is hosted in Bazaar at .


audio download downloader mimms mms python ripper stream streamripper video

In a Nutshell, MiMMS isn't an MMS Message Sender...

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