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Project Summary

The Mobile Object Factory is a framework for deploying rich
applications to remote devices. The MOF application is initially
deployed and acts as a container for applications described via a
rich XML based tagset.

The MOF tagset enables creating applications for deployment to
the Mobile Object Factory via a declarative XML syntax that
describes a series of screens in a application as wells as how to
transition between those screens. Also included in the MOF
tagset is a simple data model (local variables, tables, ...) and
a simple event model to permit simple operations when a network
connection is not available.

The Mobile Object Factory applications (MOFlets) are deployed via
existing server side Portal technology. This permits the custom
creation and deployment of applications on a individual user

Included in the Mobile Object Factory is a server side component.
This server side component provides a simple reliable messaging
protocol (MOFP(S)) that guarantees that each message between the
server and the client is delivered once and exactly once.

The MOF engine currently has a client runtime for both Java J2ME
MIDP2.0 enabled devices as well as Desktop Java (J2SE). The MOF
engine run-time takes the declarative declaration of a MOFlet and
renders it appropriately for the device it has been deployed to.

The Mobile Object Factory is freely-distributable Open Source
software, released under Common Development and Distribution
License (CDDL) Version 1.0.



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