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Posted about 5 years ago by rodrigokumpera
After 5 months in development, mono 3.2.7 is out. This is the work of 1235 commits by 65 contributors. A lot of very exciting new things come with this release. The highlights are all the love our JIT received. A much … Continue reading →
Posted over 5 years ago by rodrigokumpera
We have just pushed mono 3.2.4 out. This is an OSX only release that has the PCL reference assemblies from Microsoft. Its contents are identical to 3.2.3 other than that. It can be downloaded from the usual place.
Posted almost 6 years ago by migueldeicaza
The Mono team has been busy working on Mono, and we have done seven releases since our last blog post.   Our latest Mono 3.0.12 contains a load of new features: Support for MacOS X Mavericks Portable Class Libraries runtime … Continue reading →
Posted over 6 years ago by migueldeicaza
We have just released Mono 3.0.4 to the world. The release packs our SGen concurrent collector with a new strategy to deal with pinned objects called cementing (Mark discussed that last year).   We are very excited about this new feature. MacOS … Continue reading →
Posted over 6 years ago by migueldeicaza
When Mono for iOS was launched, we designed a new lightweight API profile.  This lightweight profile was designed to deliver all of the major features that developers needed and remove things that did not make sense on iOS or caused … Continue reading →
Posted over 6 years ago by migueldeicaza
We have released an update to Mono, version 3.0.3, it is mostly a bug fix release, but contains a few interesting goodies as well: DTrace: Mono garbage collectors now feature multiple dtrace probes for users on MacOS and Solaris. Many … Continue reading →
Posted over 8 years ago by Mono Project (mo...@novell.com)
We have just released Mono 2.8.2, it contains an important security fix for users of ASP.NET. We strongly advise every Mono 2.8.xx user to upgrade to Mono 2.8.2 if they host web applications with it. In addition, it also contains various updated to the Parallel Frameworks.
Posted over 8 years ago by Mono Project (mo...@novell.com)
MonoDevelop 2.4.1 has been released. This release is focused mostly on bug fixes, but we still managed to add a few nice features: we now support .NET 4.0 projects, the Gtk# designer now works on OSX, better native OS integration on Mac and Windows. Check out our release notes for the details about our changes.
Posted over 8 years ago by Mono Project (mo...@novell.com)
We have just released Mono 2.8.1. Mono 2.8.1 is a bug fix release for Mono 2.8 that contains the major fixes for bugs that were identified in Mono 2.8, it also contains a few security fixes. You can download this version from our Download page
Posted over 8 years ago by Mono Project (mo...@novell.com)
We have just released Mono 2.8 a major upgrade to the Mono developer platform. This release contains ten months worth of new features, stability fixes, performance work and bug fixes. The highlights of this release include: C# 4.0 ... [More] Defaults to the 4.0 profile New Generational Garbage Collector Use mono --gc=sgen or mono-sgen to use Mono with the new GC New Frameworks from Mono MIT X11 and Microsoft MS-PL/Apache2: ASP.NET 4.0 Parallel Framework: including PLINQ. System.XAML System.Dynamic Managed Extensibility Framework ASP.NET MVC 2 System.Data.Services.Client (OData client framework) WCF Routing .NET 4.0's CodeContracts Performance: Large performance improvements LLVM support has graduated to stable Use mono-llvm command to run your server loads with the LLVM backend Version 2.0 of the embedding API Removed the 1.1 profile and various deprecated libraries. OpenBSD support integrated Mono no longer depends on GLIB Threadpool exception behavior .NET 2.0 For the full details, check our detailed Mono 2.8 Release Notes [Less]