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Moxie is a library for creating mock objects in Java. It aims to have the "nicest" syntax of any Java mocking library:

Concise - set up any expectation in one Java statement. Short method names, no anonymous inner classes, no need to "replay" mock objects.

Refactorable - method name/signature changes using refactoring tools will be reflected in your tests.

Easy - integrates with JUnit 4 to automatically create and verify mocks on your test objects. (You can still do this manually.)

Moxie was written after years of annoyance^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hexperience with JMock, EasyMock and Mockito, and aims to take lessons form each.


test testing unit_testing java mockobjects mocking mock mock-objects junit tdd unit-testing junit4 unittesting mock_objects

In a Nutshell, moxiemocks...

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