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Lightweight, flexible Data Access Library for Java (ORM alternative).

There is no xml configuration, no SQL (or any other) scripting, just a thin layer on top of JDBC to make it more "object-oriented"

usage is as simple as:

1. Query:

List models = getDao().execute(new DAOQuery(new DAOQueryConstructor()
public Object fromDatabase(DAOStatementQuery.QueryResultSet resultSetWrapper) throws SQLException
ParentModel model = new ParentModel();
return model;
}, new DAOParameters(new DAOParameter(DbParent.FIELD_ID, 1, DAOFunction.Name.MORE_THAN)),

2. Update:

DAOUpdate update = new DAOUpdate(DbParent.Instance.getTable(), new DAOParameter(DbParent.FIELD_ID, 1));
update.getCache().add(DbParent.FIELD_NAME, "Name1 updated");

More samples for Musedao are available in the source package. Currently only Mysql and PostgreSql are supported. If you would like to port it to another RDMS, please write to


dao java jdbc


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