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Posted over 5 years ago by Levia
I have decided to cancel Musical. Don't feel like working on it anymore - it was more of a simple test of skill, and I feel I've passed. Source will remain available, downloads are taken down.

Have fun with the source :)
Posted about 6 years ago by Levia
I had a few problems (re)creating the builds for the platforms, so I made a generic build. Click one of the download links.

Please note that this will surely not be stable. Also under Mac OSX, you will see the classname in the menubar and ... [More] stuff like that. That'll obviously be fixed in new version, which I'm working on right now. It'll get better, don't worry - hang in there.

To run the jar, double click it or use java -jar Musical.jar. [Less]
Posted about 6 years ago by Levia
Don't worry, still alive. Just development has been lagging a bit, due to lack of time. Don't worry though, I'll pick it up again, rather sooner than later. Meanwhile, the download links are dead so I removed them, and I will make builds later ... [More] again.

No real reason to check this site out for a while ;) Check it out in like a few months and there should be something new.

Sorry ;) [Less]
Posted about 6 years ago by Levia
Server move has completed and it's all back up and running, except the wiki which I'll fix soon. Also closed registration for Mantis since there were some spam registrations. If you need an account, just comment here and it'll be fine.
Posted about 6 years ago by Levia
I have been working on Musical, just not as much. I was and am kinda busy with other things.

A server move is coming up, I made a post about it before but the server wasn't ready to be moved yet. Expect the outage to be a day. The server will go off in about 8-10 days, so that's when the move is probably going to happen.
Posted over 6 years ago by Levia
After bug fixes and such, I've decided to release 0.1-final. This will be the last version called '0.1'. Onwards we go!

Changes can be seen when you open the new version, or can be found ... [More] here:

This is not a 'big' release. 0.1 isn't mean to be 'big'. Just wait for 0.3! Please note that that release might take a while, alot planned.

As usual, post bugs on the bug tracker, they will be fixed in 0.3. [Less]
Posted over 6 years ago by Levia
After fixing the last bugs, the last stuff I wanted to fix, I finally decided to release the 0.1-beta. Some good progress has been made, and I will definitely continue working on it. Please check out the wiki for some of my latest ideas (there aren't ... [More] many on there yet, I haven't written the pages for some yet).

Please, this is a beta release, it does not contain the most important features and it is not supposed to be very stable ;). Please report all bugs to the bug tracker. You don't have to login so don't sweat it. Please give '0.1-beta' as product version, so I can keep track of what happened where.. Also, I encourage you to submit bugs using Help -> Report bug. This will make it easier for me to check out what happened. Please note that this release is more of a proof of concept - an idea of what Musical is going to become. Comments are very, very welcome.

Enjoy. [Less]
Posted over 6 years ago by Levia
I'm moving the whole server to another location, so the website might be down for a while.

Lately also not much of progress since I'm testing it on other OS's right now, and still having problems with the bugs on Mantis. Haven't tried much though, mostly because of school and carnival.
Posted over 6 years ago by Levia
I put up a wiki. I figured I'd put concepts, ideas and proposals there so that it can be managed in a nice way, but everyone that wants to. Please, if you have ideas, proposals or anything else - post em ... [More] there.

Have fun with that.
Also, Musical can now be found on under 'For your desktop'. Hope this will bring in some publicity :)

I've been testing Musical on Windows and Linux now. There are some issues which can be found on the bug tracker. I will fix them soon, and then go through it all and release a beta. Hang in there :) [Less]
Posted over 6 years ago by Levia
I just put up the Musical Streaming concept. Please check it out and please give me your opinion by leaving a comment on this post. More to come.