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Mutant Vole PHPMutant Vole is a lightweight, customizable, web-application library based on the Model View Presenter pattern, written in PHP5. It follows the Passive View variant of Model View Presenter. This means the View is completely decoupled from the Model and the Presenter handles all updating of the View.

FeaturesBuild pages by compositing reusable controls, each with its own View and Presenter Support for Smarty and HTML_QuickForms JSON-RPC integration BYOM (Bring Your Own Model) DependenciesPHP 5.2 Smarty (optional) HTML_QuickForm (optional) Spyc (optional) By default, Mutant Vole expects to find Smarty, HTML_QuickForm and Spyc in directories under /lib.

It's Not a FrameworkMutant Vole does not implement the Model (domain, service and data layers) and is thus, not a complete framework. You will need to provide your own solution for accessing a datastore and business logic. However, MVP can easily be extended to include any Model implementation you wish.

Get ItTo get the latest code for Mutant Vole (version 0.2), you can download the file on the right, or check out a copy of the 0.2 branch.


application library model mutant mvp php presenter view vole web

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