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Nagzilla was designed to be a Jabber relay "bot" in that it sits quietly in a room until it gets a message to relay to either a chatroom or a person. The early work was based on several simple examples out on the internets but didn't quite meet our needs. Namely they would just keep logging into a room every time they had something to say. That forced us to make it a daemon. This also allows us to now get nagzilla alerts from various systems and event creators. Nagzillac (the client program") accepts any string input and makes into a Jabber message. This should work with Google Talk (as it's Jabber based) but that's not been tested. The only platform this has been tested on is ejabberd running on Ubuntu. I have no doubts it SHOULD work on other Jabber/Linux/Perl platforms as well.

You can always get the latest (though not necessarily stable) version from Google Code's SVN repository.

Check us out at http://www.hurricanelabs.com

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