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NCodeX — .NET Code Generation through XAMLAwebandonware — looking for new owners

See also: http://boilen.codeplex.com/

WhatMuch like any other code generator, NCodeX (pronounced "encode-ex") is designed to take much of the grunt work out of coding common programming patterns. It includes support for events (declaring/raising), properties (including ShouldSerialize/Reset designer support), argument guards, standard interfaces (IDisposable, IEquatable, IComparable), and for .NET 3.0 specific constructs like dependency properties and routed events, to name a few.

Generated types are declared in XAML (Extensible Application Markup Langauge), which allows for flexible extension using XAML's built-in styles and templates, and for a rich design experience in any tool supporting XAML or WPF. Although NCodeX requires .NET 3.0 for code generation, the generated code itself can be targeted at any framework version.

WhyBesides producing a useful tool to remove a little more repetetion and make library design more declarative, this project is also an exploration for the developers into WPF's more advanced features, such as styles and templates.


dotnet net csharp xaml wpf

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