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Building an application which is “Grid-Enabled” is not trivial. Many activities such as parallelization, resource management, task distribution, load balancing, security, etc should be handled by the application itself. Since these activities are repetitive and common across almost all grid applications, middleware/frameworks have been developed to assist the software developers in developing such applications, by managing such activities transparently.

The objective of this project is to develop an Autonomic Grid Computing Framework, which is self-managed (thus autonomic) and which also features a simple API to the developer, in contrast to existing middleware and frameworks. Also, it will support heterogeneous resources (i.e. multiple operating systems and hardware platforms), which enables the users to maximize the utilization of available resources. The proposed framework will manage the low-level activities mentioned above transparently and it will be less intrusive to the application developer, unlike prevailing middleware.


api autonomic framework grid java nebula

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