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What is Nurpawiki?Nurpawiki is a personal information manager (PIM) application that combines a wiki, a to-do list and a simple scheduler to help you get organized. It aims to ease note taking and action planning. Actions (to-dos) are always associated with notes or plans (wiki pages).

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Nurpawiki currently being extended to support multiple users in order to help organize small team development.

Get started!Installation (New: Nurpawiki Debian package installation!) Tutorial (with screenshots) Upgrading & migrating installationsUpgrading from a previous version Moving Nurpawiki from Postgresql 8.2 to 8.3 DevelopmentThe application is written in OCaml and uses the fantastic Ocsigen web programming framework. It runs in a web server and uses SQL for persistence. It can thus be hosted on Linux and used on on Windows or any other web browser capable platform.

More details at DeveloperPage

Want to help?Debian/RPM packages for Nurpawiki would be great. If you want to contribute, drop me an e-mail at jjhellst@gmail.com. Update 2008-10-27: Debian package for Nurpawiki is under review and hopefully going to be part of Debian testing in the future. Don't like something? Have an improvement suggestion? Code review comments? File a bug to the issue database and we'll see what can be done about it. ReleasesReleaseNotes ReleaseProcess


calendar gtd management ocsigen organizing pim planner scheduler time todo web wiki

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