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Octopus is a parallel, distributed 3D framework for crafting scientific simulations that use adaptive mesh refinment (AMR) methods. The primary application focus is Eulerian astrophysics codes. Octopus uses the HPX C++11 runtime system and an octree-based AMR algorithm. The code is based off of work originally done by Dominic Marcello.

Octopus is developed at Louisiana State University through the joint effort of the STE||AR group at the Center for Computation and Technology and the Department of Physics. The primary developers are Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach and Zach Byerly. This work is supported by the National Science Foundation through award 1240655 (STAR).


astrophysics boost c++ c++0x c++11 distributed distributedcomputing euler_equations eulerian hydrodynamics parallel parallelalgorithm parallelization science

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