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Posted over 6 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Oolite version 1.77 was released on January 8th 2013. This release comes packed full of new features including - but not limited to - enhanced visuals, improved scripting capabilities and improved performance and is the version currently recommended ... [More] by the Oolite dev team. See www.oolite.org for download details and the official release announcement at http://www.aegidian.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=13287 for the full list of changes and new features over the previous version. Visit us at the Oolite forums over at www.aegidian.org/bb for your feedback, ideas and suggestions. Enjoy the game! [Less]
Posted about 7 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Oolite version 1.76.1 has been released. It is a bug-fix update to the stable version 1.76 and replaces it as the latest official release of the game. The fixes in this version are as follows: * Fixed potential bug loading player with no ... [More] mission_variables dictionary. * player.ship.launch() can now also be used within the shipWillDockWithStation and the shipDockedWithStation handler without side effects. * Ships that have a specific commodity defined as cargo, no longer get their bounty reduced to 10% when the pilot ejects. * The scoop icon now correctly shows a full cargo hold when special cargo is transported. * Fixed a problem with the shipyard screen when a ship with chance=1 defined non-installed optional equipment. * Don't disgorge and revive dead ships from wormholes. * 32-bit GL contexts are now strongly preferred on SDL systems, with 16-bit fallback. * Fixed weapon facing not resetting to forward view when launching from station. * takeSnapShot() is excluded from the timelimiter. * Added code to prevent overcorrection pitch and roll with low frame rates. Should lower the change of ships jumping between two headings, without proceeding. * weapon_range and weapon_energy keys in the turret subentity declaration now work as intended. Values are maximised at 7500 and 100 respectively. * Buggy consoleMessage() behaviour when called from JS debug console has been rectified. * JS debug console macros are saved when Oolite exits to desktop in all platforms, as originally intended. * Regression fix: in the log, the searchPaths.dumpAll is shown once every time searchPaths change (strict/unrestricted mode). * No more negative ship distances, see http://aegidian.org/bb/viewtopic.php?t=11785 * Fix for guiScreenWillChange for system data screen not firing when double clicking on systems. * Fixed crash with malformed gui declarations inside hud plists. * Fixed timer related crashes. * The Windows Oolite executable is now large address aware, allowing for more than 2GB of memory to be allocated to the game. * Fix for bug where standard subentities defined after any turret subentity would exhibit turret behaviour. * Savefiles with wrong passengers and/or passengers berths data are now handled a bit better. * Fix bug where equipment depending on currently damaged equipment would be silently removed from the player's ship on game load. * Target system memory expansion doesn't try to restore locks on cloaked ships anymore. * Fixed bug with resetting of passenger contracts on ship change. * Fixed Nav Array not showing distance and time information when target system was selected by using the Find Planet method. * Frame Callbacks now transfer the correct time difference when timeAccelerationFactor is active. * The available_to_all key is now also respected by JS methods that add equipment. * Improved the docking approach when arriving from the backside of a station. * Fixed fuel scoops sound loop issue, discussed in http://www.aegidian.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11611 * Fixed intermittent crash on missile removal. As always, feel free to join us at www.oolite.org for additional game resources and feedback. [Less]
Posted over 7 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Oolite version 1.76 has been released. This is the new stable version of the game, which will be replacing the now outdated v1.65. There has been a very substantial amount of changes in the game since v1.65, including but not limited to: shader ... [More] support and updates to the graphics engine, the addition of a modern Javascript engine for scripting, a large number of bug fixes and an even larger number of new features, together with optimizations for improved performance and stability. We do hope that you will enjoy this Elite experience to its fullest potential and invite you to join us at http://www.oolite.org for any feedback, questions and ideas for the future. [Less]
Posted over 8 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Oolite version 1.75 has been released. This is a milestone release, which marks the transition of the game to beta stage. This effectively means that no more features will be added until the next stable version gets published. From this point onwards ... [More] there will be a series of rapid bug-fix only releases, which will eventually lead to the next stable version of Oolite. If you would like to be part of the beta testing effort, you can download and try out the game from the project's download page: http://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=3577 There is a long list of changes since the last test release, which can be found in full detail under http://developer.berlios.de/project/shownotes.php?release_id=18308 Enjoy the game! [Less]
Posted almost 9 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Oolite test version 1.74.2 has been released. This is a bug-fix update to version 1.74.1. Changes between Oolite 1.74.1 and Oolite 1.74.2: - Stopped player from selecting invalid jump destination during jump countdown. - Fixed docking ... [More] permissions inconsistencies: all hostile stations now refuse docking permissions. - Switching to custom views now allowed in a consistent way. - Weapon repeat rate is now per-weapon. - Current zoom level is now preserved when switching HUDs. - Exhaust plume now resets after hyperspace jumps/scripted teleporting/ auto-docking. - Fixed overlapping system confusion when loading games and searching for systems. - All automatically generated sun skimmers should now be adequately shielded. - Fixed occasional "bleached"-looking planets on system info screen. - Fixed wrong distance showing on the short range chart when switching back from the long range chart. - Improved default speech synthesis voice (not Mac OS X). - SystemInfo.systemsInRange() can now be called on a specific SystemInfo object, instead of always applying to the current system. - New JavaScript event: shipAttackedOther() (inverse of shipBeingAttacked(), called immediately after shipBeingAttacked()). - If a script removes a piece of equipment in the equipmentDamaged() event handler, no "equipment damaged" message is generated. - Ship.removeEquipment() now works on damaged equipment. - Fixed substitution priority for expandDescription() and expandMissionText(), the overrides (if provided) now take precedence over everything else. - New shipinfo key: station_roll. - Fixed some cases where AIs could break group handling. - Shader errors detected in the link phase (generally, problems involving state shared between the vertex and fragment shader) are now reported properly. [Less]
Posted about 9 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Oolite version 1.74 is now available for Mac, Windows and Linux systems. This release contains many new features, including gameplay enhancements, a much larger part of the game engine exposed to scripting and plenty of bugs fixed. The game's memory ... [More] footprint has been reduced, too. For a full list of changes, see https://developer.berlios.de/project/shownotes.php?release_id=17632 [Less]
Posted almost 10 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Oolite version 1.73.4 is now available for Mac, Windows and Linux systems. This is a bug-fix update to v1.73-1.73.3. Fixes contained in this version: - Fixed nova mission. - Fixed missing planet name in Constrictor Hunt mission. - Fixed bug ... [More] where subentities of sold ships could come back to haunt your log. - When buying a ship which does not specify a HUD, the default HUD is now used immediately. - Scooping can no longer overfill your cargo bay. - Fixed some cosmetic issues with equipment list UIs. - removeEquipment scripting method now works with damaged equipment. - awardEquipment scripting method now works with EQ_REMOVE_MISSILES. - Fixed spurious OXP verifier warning about display_name key. - Hyperspeed is now turned off when dying. - [Windows] Installer now uninstalls old versions correctly. - [Mac] Fixed an error where random (often very loud) noise could be played through the right channel at the end of long sounds. - [Mac] Game now starts in full-screen mode if it was in full-screen mode when last quit. - [Non-Mac] Fixed a problem with mouse control. - [Non-Mac] Added option to suppress splash screen, which forces the game to run with software rendering on some systems. Enjoy the game! [Less]
Posted almost 10 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Oolite v1.73.3 has been released. This release corrects some issues identified with the packaging of the Mac version, while at the same time takes the opportunity to fix a few more minor bugs. Main items addressed in this release: Fixed failure ... [More] on startup when two OXPs define the same equipment. Partial fix for bug where the system data screen showed a planet in systems that had gone nova. Fixed AI habit of trying to steal cargo right out of other ships' scoops, with hilarious results. [Mac] Docking clearance, the wormhole scanner and targeting of incoming missiles are now enabled. [Mac] Fixed incompatibility with Debug OXP. [Mac] Fixed minor leak in Snow Leopard resulting from a recent crash report enhancement [Less]
Posted almost 10 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Oolite v1.73.2 has been released. This is a bugfix update to v1.73 (v1.73.1 was pulled after a pretty serious gameplay bug was discovered (and resolved) literally hours after its release). Bugs fixed in this version: - Incorrect reporting of ... [More] available cargo space when docked. - Inability to purchase lasers. - Getting rich by selling all missiles and visiting the shipyard. - Legacy scripts inside CARGO_SCRIPTED_ITEM not working. - Some spelling mistakes in descriptions. - Equip ship screen refreshing even if it had ceased to be the active one. [Less]
Posted almost 10 years ago by anothe...@users.berlios.de (Nikos Barkas)
Announcing the release of Oolite test version 1.73. This release packs a large number of new features and gameplay additions, including tangent space effects support, Wormhole Scanner equipment, Time Acceleration Factor, multi-page equipment screens ... [More] , new JavaScript handlers and methods for scripters and many more, at the same time fixing many of the bugs that were present in previous test releases. [Less]